Over the next few years, we will establish our 3D museum of the three Abrahamic religions, which deals with everything concerning Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It is a political space as well as an open space for each artist.

Through our common origin from the middle eastern-prophetic tributary, there is much agreement between the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
That’s what we want to bring out into the open. Getting to know the religions, their main ideology and teachings is very important in accepting other world views.

With the museum we are setting the way for a common path with understanding for one another. It’s not about going on a mission, but informing. Therefore theologians from each corresponding religion will be at hand in the museum.

Our common ancestor: Abraham

In the walls of this museum, people from all walks of life will meet, share ideas and find answers to their questions. Although we want to point out the similarities of the religions, it doesn’t mean that with that knowledge we want to dissolve their uniqueness. Quite the opposite: Difference between the religions will remain and be respected. THAT is our common goal.

Art shows us the way

We want a museum which prevents an elitist mentality: Artists from all over the world will present their artworks representing the three Abrahamic religions. This visual art brings religion to life and allows a different view into the world religions. Dialogue and events for inter-religious activities will enable us to get to know others and other opinions.

Baraq: from the English spelling of the Arab Name بارك‏‎/ Bārak meaning "the blessed one" or "blessed", which is Baruch in Hebrew בָּרוּךְ. Bārak and Baruch are equivalent to the Latin Benedictus. Baraq wants to promote creative talents and provide a platform to make their artistic skills as artist. known beyond their borders.