Künstler: Jannique Adam

Exodus 13-15

Pharaoh had finally had enough. He sent for Moses and Aaron and said, "Take your people and leave at once!" The Egytians gave the Israelites gold and silver to try to hurry them on their way. But after Moses and his people had left, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his soldiers after them. They caught up with the Israelites at the Red Sea. Moses stretched out his arm and God sent a wind to blow back the water. The Israelites hurried across the pathway of dry land. When the Egyptian soldiers followed, the water rushed over them and killed every one. Moses' people were free! That night, the Israelites celebrated with music and songs. 

Moses took Joseph's bones with him as he was instructed before his death. At that time he had said to his brothers "God will lead you away from here again and then you must carry my bones with you." The angel and the pillars of fire represent the chosen people. No one can pass through. The 12 children symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. 

The dove is in a cage as a sign of confinement in Egypt. But the wings are pointed slightly outwards. The beginning of freedom for the chosen people. The dove is in freedom. The people in safety.