Artist: Jannique Adam

Genesis 3

In one special place, God laid out the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve to live in. They had everything they needed. In the center of the garden grew a special tree. It was called the Tree of Knowledge. This tree was different to all the other trees. "You must not eat the fruit of this tree," God warned Adam and Eve. "You can eat fruit from all the others, but if you eat fruit from this one, you will be cursed. But then the serpent came and said, "Look at the lovely fruit." "I mustn't touch it," said Eve. "God told us to leave it alone. "Ha!", laughed the serpent. "God does not want you to know the good from the evil!" Tempted, Eve ate from the apple. And then Adam ate, too. That night God was angry and told them to leave the Garden of Eden at once. From that day on nothing would be the same.